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Machining, machinery and machines: our passion, our story since 1947 ...


Le premier tracteur d'Albert Chauvin

The Albert Chauvin's first tractor

Albert Chauvin, a 24 years old engineer, builds his first tractor and founds les “Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques Albert Chauvin” at Bonlieu (Jura-France). This first “sellable” tractor is fitted with 4 wheels drive and made with spare parts coming from US military packages from second world war, in particular using Jeep vehicles drivetrains. In fact, it is not Albert’s first shot since he has already designed and built plenty of tractors and other kind of machines, more or less operational, since the time he is able to hold a blowtorch !. 240 Chauvin tractors will be handcrafted in the Chauvin workshop at Bonlieu between 1948 and 1959. Regarding the “R6” model, the bestseller, only engines, electrical components and tires were purchased from subcontractors; all other components were manufactured in the small factory that have been employed more than 25 staffs in the end of the 50s

La passion des engrenages

The beginning in gears manufacturing

Rémy Chauvin, Albert’s son, founds a mechanical construction workshop at Baume les Dames (Doubs-France) and launches into press cutting tools designing and manufacturing. His products are destined to fit punch presses of automotive manufacturing lines. Naturally, Rémy will get passionate into gears and transmission components and will drive his activity to gear cutting field. This basic change will beget a moving and the building of a brand new 1200m² workshop at… Bonlieu. Thenceforth, the Chauvin company will get an excellent renown in gears designing and manufacturing throughout France. The company is able to produce tiny gears (0.25 modul, a couple of hundred gramms) as well as huge ones (30 modul, several tons). In the same time, and in order to perform its autonomy, many metal cutting machines, conventional and CNC, are set up. Remy’s sons, Alexandre and William, will join the factory in the middle of the 90s after their high school years and then will learn all rudiments of gear cutting job.

Les grandes dates de Chauvin-Mécagraphic
Les machines outils | Chauvin - Mécagraphic

Machine tools business

William Chauvin, Rémy’s elder son and Albert’s grandson, after a six years time experience spent in the Bonlieu factory, decides to set up his own business of second hand machines tools rebuilding and machines maintenance. More than 10000 machines will be sold throughout France and Europe within a decade.

Machine d'usinage numérique | Chauvin - Mécagraphic

NC machining

Thanks to a strong commercial and technical experience acquired during the past 20 years, either as end user, repairman, seller or trainer, William desires to focus on CNC world and founds CHAUVIN-MECAGRAPHIC. CAD/CAM softwares dealing and training meets about 30% of the company annual turnover from that time

Les grandes dates de Chauvin-Mécagraphic
Les machines outils | Chauvin - Mécagraphic

Manufacturing, training and technical assistance

3 activity sectors are gathered around the common core of mechanical machining. The growth is going on in these 3 fields. Organisation, manufacturing and optimization processes have of course progressed a lot since the first Chauvin tractor has been completed 73 years ago, but the company spirit has always been keeping the same: the culture of careful work and always keeping of commitments, whatever circumstances !