Technical assistance, CNC and CAD/CAM training

As NC machines and software distributor, we have the duty to train our customers in the use of our products; thus the transmission of our skills through our experience is a mission which daily commits us.

Conventional machining

Whole turning/milling training program including:

  • Machine discovering
  • Introducing of main components and terminology
  • Technical features required considering the job to make
  • Cutting tools choice
  • Main materials used in metal cutting industry
  • Basic adjustment, commissioning of the machine
  • Cutting parameters choice
  • Different styles of machining, considering the workpiece configuration
  • Metrology and controls
  • Preventive maintenance of production lines

CNC machining

  • NC introduction and machine discovering
  • Programming syntax, coordinates, G-codes and canned cycles
  • Definition and writing of a part program
  • Cutting tools mounting and measuring
  • Program and tools offsets definition
  • Program loading and test
  • Cutting edge wearing, program amending and parameters optimization
  • Metrology and controls
  • Preventive maintenance of production lines
ordinateur avec logiciel
machine cfao
embout machine cfao
personne qui travaille sur ordinateur


  • Discovery of graphic interface and software introduction
  • CAD and drawing tools
  • Files import and machining positioning
  • CAM and implementation of toolpaths
  • Optimization of machining through strategies
  • Specific utilities
  • Part program generating and loading on machine tool
  • Machining and tests
pièce fabriqué
personne qui travaille sur ordinateur
pièce fabriqué en CFAO
ordinateur avec logiciel CFAO